An existing 1957 conference center was “tired” and in need of renovation and mechanical upgrades to achieve AAA’s four-star rating.

Looking to the region’s cultural antecedents, inspiration came from the “hacienda”—a self-sufficient estate of luxury destined for the handful of people in the circle of the patrón.

The renovation includes 326 sleeping rooms, two restaurants, a media center, a bar, 50 conference/meeting rooms, outdoor pools/gathering areas, a new central air conditioning chiller and other mechanical plant. Using a number of coordinated construction phases, the facility remains operational during the entire construction process.


John R. Byram, Architect
Eric Sautter, Architect
David Camilon
Silvia Bugarin
Carl Ross, Interior Designer
Mingus Shafe, Construction Management
Decca Builders, Inc., General Contractor