Byram Architects has been the principal force behind award winning architecture for more than 20 years.

Based in Southern California, we have evolved into a nimble, design-oriented practice—more akin to an independent film company than a large commercial studio. That means all projects receive our founder’s vigilant attention, ensuring precise continuity of intent from first concepts through completed construction.

We believe inspiring surroundings can have a positive effect on people’s lives—and that this matters.

Toward that end, we consciously allow our designs to be shaped by the uniqueness of each client and the places where they have chosen to build. Cultural, historical and environmental concerns are seen as opportunities—opportunities to enrich and add relevancy to our architecture. Such exploration is balanced with rigorous economic discipline and an assertive commitment to client satisfaction.

Transparency is the watchword for our company. Therefore, we invite you to tour our work, discuss your needs with our founder, and talk with our clients.