Bringing Armenia here—both in an ecclesiastical sense of honoring Armenian architectural precepts; and, in a corporeal sense of having stone shipped from Armenia to grace the exterior walls—respects tradition and manifests a visual anchor for the local community.

A 600-seat crucifix plan aligns to the street grid and uses three-hinge steel arches to accommodate seismic requirements. The simplified silhouette translates internally to a dramatic ceiling where pendentives transition walls to the main dome.

The facility is complimented by a professional kitchen, administrative offices and restrooms—all with elevator access to the sanctuary.


John R. Byram, Architect
Michael Geragos, Associated Designer
David Camilon
Rudy Utulo, Mechanical Engineer
Jack Haliblian, Electrical Engineer
Sarkis Balmanukian, Ecclesiastical Designer
Sargis Badamyan, General Contractor