Quinones Residence

Los Angeles, CA

Challenging topography and limited “buildable” area initially deterred construction on this wonderful cul-de-sac property. By successfully pursuing a waiver for needless street-widening, the lot became usable and its slope an asset in accentuating extraordinary city and mountain views.

A narrow façade articulates into sub-volumes of differing transparency, providing an immediate “reading” of the entry. Ceiling heights become progressively higher as you move through the house, revealing how the building follows the natural “pad” of the site.

Akin to a Himitsu Baku puzzle box, the interior spaces look past and around each other pulling in specific views, while key rooms spatially interlock together to increase perception of their individual size.

Project Team

John R. Byram, Architect
David Camilon
Harout Soghomonian, Structural Engineer
Emil Cabal, Mechanical Engineer
Simon Simitian, General Contractor