Zeitoun Residence

Woodland Hills, CA

The program’s varying levels of privacy are accommodated by exploiting the site’s descending slope and the consequential changes in exposure. A series of shed-roofs—akin to rock bedding plane strata—express the need to drain storm water back to the street. Clerestories between each plane capture natural light.

An open upper level contains public rooms and focuses on the distant vista of city lights, mountains and the Woodland Hills golf course. Spaces requiring greater seclusion, such as the bedrooms, are in the lower level that reveals itself to the more intimate, screened environs of the rear yard and its sculptural oak tree.

By situating the fire boxes within the window wall, both fireplace and view can simultaneously be the focus of the room.

Project Team

John R. Byram, Architect
Annie Khatchadourian
Harout Soghomonian, Structural Engineer
Emil Cabal, Mechanical Engineer
Xavier Zeitoun, General Contractor